The Society



What is the Society?

The Duke Society is all about exclusive experiences, personalized services, and extraordinary life!

You are looking for this rare bottle you cannot find!

Do not hesitate to contact us to request for what you are looking for, we will try our best. We have extended relationships with many wineries, distilleries and other high brand name products outside the alcohol industry. 

You are looking for exclusive experiences.

As a member of the Duke Society you will discover and taste rare products by the glass in your home or at the Duke Society private's location. You will experience nectars such as but not limited rare Macallan 50, 60, 72 years of Age, rare Japenese Whiskies, i.e. Ichiro Cards, wines from the best wineries in Bordeaux, Lafite, Petrus,... Burgundy DRC, Rousseau..., and California, Screaming Eagle, Promontory, Hundred Acres...

As part of the Duke Society, we will guarantee that you pay the fair amount for any of your purchases and not to exceed 25% margin. Current margin on rare products averages 250%.

The Duke Society will organize pairing dinner with famous Chefs from around the world, will organize special barrel tasting of old cognac, tequila, whisky and others spirits.

As part of the Duke Society, your wishes become reality!

For more information please contact us. Membership fees start at $100,000 USD per year.

Contact us for any request to: